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Opticians Association of Virginia has a variety of membership packages to suit whatever your needs may have.  We would love for you to join our growing community. For questions about the options below, get in touch today.

What can OAV do for you as a Virginia Licensed Optician?

OAV represents VA Opticians in the legislature and follows potential changes to laws that might affect Virginia Opticians

Assists opticians in furthering their knowledge with educational opportunities

Provides opportunities to networking with other Opticians and industry partners across the State

Opportunities for Community Service

Reasons to Join

License Protection

OAA Membership

Educational Conferences





Information about Community Service 

Leadership Opportunities 

First Time Membership
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Active Membership


Active Membership is open to licensed opticians in Virginia.  Membership in OAA is included with this membership.

Affiliate Membership


Affiliate members are opticians residing outside Virginia, or staff who work in the optical industry and wish to benefit from membership in the association or support the association. Membership in OAA is not included with this membership level.

Student/Apprentice  Membership


Student/Apprentice membership is open to optical students and apprentices taking part in accredited optical or apprenticeship programs. This includes spring and fall conventions including Lunch.

Become a 2024 Partner

The value and benefits of the OAV Partner program far exceed the cost. Plus, the program eliminates the repetitive solicitation of funds for every event and marketing opportunity. This not only saves you time, but it also allows the Association to operate in a more efficient and professional manner. For your annual contribution, your business receives community exposure, event benefits and cost-effective advertising.

Your annual contribution to participate in our Partnership Program offers partner benefit and value to your company for the upcoming year.

See below for Partnership opportunities. 

Friends of OAV



Gold Partnership



Diamond Partnership


Blinding Diamonds
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